Arising from the ashes again and again, Postmodern Woman cycles through familiar corridors in fresh ways.

artistically painted fiery wings on a black background.

Take flight with us.

Postmodernism rejects rigidity, subjectivity, and objectivity. Instead, Postmodern Woman seeks to integrate the external and internal through metanoiac creation.

The Phoenix rises in its latest incarnation, via the Postmodern Punk.

Dragon-Phoenix regenerating from a fire an elemental spirit is a fairy-tale and original picture computer graphics

Be refined rather than burned.

Here there be dragons, and as such, our truth is expressed boldly, contemplates points of view that are unexplored, and centers the Truth of the marginalized in a world that is upside-down and backwards.

  • We seek to uncover the hidden depths and dive the substance of our lives.
  • We are dedicated to transparency that uncovers the roots of abuse culture and shifts resources to the most vulnerable.
  • We are interested in changing the world using a reparational, holocratic business model, and welcome those who wish to do the same.

About this incarnation:

Postmodern Woman the magazine will be available henceforth on Medium. You will have access to all of the Postmodern Punk’s previous and current content there.

This site will be a venue for our clients and patrons, providing access to intersectional services and providing perks to our patrons.

If you’d like to support our ongoing labor and projects, please become a Postmodern Patron below or support the PMW Speaker Fund!


Your Resident Postmodern Punk

Who will you be?