The Short of It


I am an impossible alien Othergender Dragon who tattoos trees with the queerest most sinister ink and I hurt all the time.

You can find my (and Ripley’s) 21 previously published fiction books at most major online ebook retailers and in print on Amazon. The comprehensive series lists and information are available via Smashwords. My 60 and counting other fictional works will most likely all be published under my company Cuil Press.


The Long of It

Who Am I?


Since I appreciate full disclosure, I’m letting it all out in the open: I’m Black (with Irish and Cherokee thrown in), autistic, aromantic, noetisexual, gray ace, organic multilinker, Radical Non-Monogamist, Integrated Non-Monogamist, autodidact, relationship fluid, invisibly disabled, single parent, impoverished, kinky switch/Dom/me, assigned female at birth, synaesthetic (most notably visual/touch), intersex, Othergender, Army brat, survivor of several forms of abuse, left-handed, singleish, and pansexual. If anything, I’m a metanoiac alethiologist.


What Have I Experienced?


My disabilities and health conditions consist of but aren’t limited to: endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, cPTSD, dysautonomia, fibromyalgia, EDS, eczema, secondary anxiety and depression. I’ve lived in severe poverty for my entire life, including some prior and very recent homelessness. I’ve had several major surgeries, survived more rapes than I can count, and narrowly escaped stalkers, domestic violence, and murderers. I’ve been writing cuil fiction, my invented intersectional queer and polya genre, for nearly two decades. I’ve raised my children with my sister at one point. I’m also a not-quite widow; within months of one another I lost both a former partner (queer ciswoman) and a then-current partner (queer cisman).


What Do I Know?


I attended many schools, majoring in areas as diverse as Drama, Instrumental Music, Choir, Dance, Aviation Maintenance, Teaching and Technology, Brain and Mind Studies (which includes an in-depth integrated approach to the different disciplines dealing with, well, the mind), Women Gender and Sexuality Studies, Objectivism. However, I do not subscribe to the culture of wacademia.

Of course, that’s only my education on paper; since the age of 12 or so I’ve also been a voracious self-taught student of history, sexuality, religions, cosmology, philosophy, math, technology; anything that caught my fancy.

I spend the majority of my time presently engaging in fleshing out the many corners of the cuilverse (the fictional, intersectional world of my queer, polya, spoonie/speary characters); writing on Medium or otherwise educating folks online; and providing content for groups such as Integrated Non-Monogamy (another creation of mine) and a few others of intersectional focus.

I was also a contributor to Crossing Genres, Polyamory on Purpose, and Postmodern Woman (as well as the sole editor after Louisa turned it over to me). I did time as a Transcriptionist and Social Media Aassociate for Everyday Feminism. I was also honored to serve as the Digital Content Outreach Coordinator for The Body is Not an Apology and as a board member of Hypatia Software.

Currently, I am a Public Speaker at the revamped Postmodern Woman; offering a number of presentations and workshops of varying topics I both have personal and educational experience with. Additionally, I am the Sensitivity Editor and a Founder for Cuil Press.