Louisa founded Postmodern Woman and lives in an open relationship with her partners and two children. She’s a contributor to Huffington Post, Salon, Nerve, Jezebel and the Guardian and author of the controversial memoir The Husband Swap and Lessons in Life & Love To My Younger Self. Originally from the United Kingdom, she lives in Sweden a country which thankfully has very good indoor heating. You can find her (creatively named) author site at Louisa Leontiades.


Intersectional Non-Monogamy

Go beyond turning jealousy into compersion by learning to conduct truly ethical relationships in a diverse world.

Non-monogamy is so much more than simply overcoming jealousy, spicing up a dulled relationship, and disastrous first relationships. Discover the role history and culture plays in the relationship choices we make. Come to appreciate the hidden power dynamics that leave most practitioners regurgitating monogamous standards in their open relationships. The history and possibilities for non-monogamy go far beyond what you’ll typically find in the literature and media. Get a deeper understanding of true diversity across various spectrums from someone who is a minority of minorities. Here you’ll find relevant articles, videos, and even examples in excerpts from The Cuil Effect Project; accurate information about sex, trauma, abuse, diversity, and health; and learn the true meaning of ethical non-monogamy. If you’re looking for something truly ethical and transformative in your relationships or activism then come along as we explore a depth of love, sex, race, variation, and non-monogamy you’ll rarely find anywhere else.

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