All we ask is to be acknowledged. Let people know we exist.

The privileged – those most likely to perpetuate or otherwise cover up or be oblivious to abuse – are usually the only ones profiting from lucrative gigs, getting all of the resources and support that rightly belong to the marginalized, the trauma experts, the invisiblized.

Instead of booking those more likely to be abusers as speakers at conventions, as relationship counselors, and to do any of this fucking intense emotional and intellectual labor with marginalized or vulnerable populations: encourage conferences, colleges, and conventions to seek us out first.

Funnel the support our way. Let us create the differences necessary to keep ourselves and one another safe and accountable. The world has been flipped upside down and turned inside out.

Who better to create metanoiac restoration than the true experts, those with experiences beyond that liminal edge, the ones who have built the foundations of the world?

These are our stories and services. May we hold you accountable?

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Hire me to speak or lead a workshop at your university, convention, or business.

All of these presentations are also available as both Spaces and Courses, which will be housed over at The Metanoiac Portal. Each Course will have three available levels: Pronoia, Paranoia, and Metanoia, with the latter levels only being unlocked if certain requirements are met. And every once in a while – once the Portal reaches a sufficient and sustained monetary level – a Michon Con will be hosted by the Portal, and several of my presentations will be featured for the price of one.

Please do note that, considering my disabilities, my parenthood, and as these times have become even more dangerous for people like me, I have access needs that will have to be discussed prior to my attendance.

List of courses (including but not limited to):

*The Metanoia Package:

-Unraveling Abuse Culture
-Riel’s Sensuality and Trauma Education
-Contextual Consent
-Beyond Empathy: Developing Emotional Literacy

*The Media Package:

-How to Write Cuil

*The Unveiling Pacakage:

-The Forgotten Queers
-Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Black People
-The Invisibility of Disability

*The Relationship Package:

-Aro Eros Arrows (book can be found here)
-The Expanded Sexual Spectrum
-Integrated Non-Monogamy (Pronoia-level Course can be found here)
-Woke Kinksters

*The Privilege Pacakage:

-Parental/Caregiver Privilege
-From Ally Inaction to Accomplice in Action