An introductory session with me to discuss an initial accountability plan.


Accountability Consult

$423.53 (tax excl.)

An introductory session with me to discuss an initial accountability plan.


Have you been abusive? Distant? Boundary-pushing? A bit of a jackass? A teensy bit racist?

Or hell, maybe you’re just an average person who’s done some things they regret and simply looking for direction.

Then again, you might simply be frustrated by the constant calls for you to “just Google it”.

Here’s where I come in. Your cuil search engine, but, you know, better.

See, the people who are most often our therapists, relationship counselors, sex coaches, and other related work tend to be those who are more towards the privileged end of the spectrum. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, it does mean that there are many aspects of sex, relationships, abuse, and other topics that they’re not qualified to speak on.

If you’ve never experienced marginalization in a particular way, if you’re unfamiliar with the embedded systemic power imbalances underlying our society, if many of your personal encounters are with people like yourself then how can you possibly know if you might unknowingly be doing damage?

If the only ones sought out for their advice and expertise don’t have the lived experiences of the most powerless among us, what insight can they really give? There’s a reason that people in these positions often cross into abusive territory with clients, partners, and minorities.

It’s a known fact that much of the emotional labor is done by the least privileged. What I propose is flipping the traditional model on it’s head.

As an expert on lived and researched marginalization, I am uniquely qualified to see your blind spots. I am a trauma-informed survivor, resilient despite the odds. I have experience with a vast variety of populations, identities, and encounters.

I am especially knowledgeable about sex, relationships (especially polyamory), queer identities, and emotional abuse.

Whatever your issue, I’m sure I can help you.

What the consult entails:

I will sit with you during a virtual one hour session. Please prepare to discuss one problematic area – such as race, sex, trans, or interpersonal issues. I will point you to inclusive resources, formulate a personalized accountability outline, help you form your pod (a personalized accountability team made up of your community), and provide you with a brief one-month check in.

Why I chose this price:

Because my emotional and intellectual labor uses up a lot of spears and because I am specially qualified, my rates tend to be higher than you may find elsewhere.

As with all of my products, I prefer the reparational model: if you are more privileged, you have the option to sponsor a session for someone more marginalized or otherwise disenfranchised.

If you would like to hire me as your ongoing coach, discounts are available for recurring sessions.