Do you have a story to tell? Submit it here… because Postmodern Woman is a place where you can share your vulnerability and insight, and be supported in it. The community is growing but every single person in it has been moved by a story and motivated to stretch themselves beyond the confines of what society tells us we can’t do.

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Anyone, of any age, from any location can submit a post with a bio for inclusion on the blog. This is not an elite space, reserved for experts, thought leaders, or professional bloggers. This is a blog for real people who are willing to share themselves vulnerably and authentically.

Why Contribute to Postmodern Woman?

1. Your post will receive broad exposure not limited to the time you post.

2. Every post includes a bio with links back to your site.

3. As a Postmodern Woman contributor, you can update your bio at any time to promote products you may be launching.

4. Your post will be edited and published to preserve your voice but showcase it as well as possible.

Writing Guidelines:

  • Your post should be between 700-1,300 words. Considerations for prose or poetry are more flexible.
  • Share a specific story from your life. Postmodern Woman is all about personal stories, as these are sometimes more powerful than advice. It’s not just about the lessons and insights; it’s also about how you came to learn them.
  • Offer practical information that will help readers address similar challenges. It doesn’t need to be a list of tips, but it needs to come back to the readers somehow.
  • Choose a topic related to personal growth. I look for posts that deal with universal themes that will be relevant to the majority of readers. If you take a look through some of the blog archives, you’ll get a sense for the type of posts we publish.
  • Provide integrated, personal, and honest work. Context is everything. Why is your viewpoint unique? How are you holding yourself accountable? How can you shift to more objective perspectives without denying or erasing experiences?
  • Reserve self promotion to your bio (as opposed to marketing a business, course, workshop, or service directly in the post or in Postmodern Professional). Please note that we may delete links within the posts themselves (or not depending on the context).

How to Submit:

Submit in mail directly to the editor at michon [at] postmodernwoman [dot] com or via