Ally In Action

Michón Neal

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Michón Neal
Michón Neal
Michón Neal is an impossible Black alien Othergender Dragon who tattoos trees with the queerest most sinister ink and ze hurts all the time. Published Author, Creator of Cuil Fiction, ...
Ally In Action

About this course



Ally In Action: This is an online course designed to give allies the tools and resources to become better accomplices. It is meant to take the pressure off of marginalized people in the role of education. It empowers the ally to become more than that, to become a turncoat, an accomplice, someone who can get down in the trenches. It will give clear steps for maintaining one's mental and emotional health, tools for figuring out the maximum effective form of allyship in a given situation, and resources one can use to research intersectional feminist issues. It's easy to get frustrated with only being referred to Google and it can be hard to know which source's viewpoint to take on a given issue, but putting the pressure on the marginalized to teach you burns everyone out. By taking this course/workshop, you'll be able to apply critical thinking, better research skills, and most importantly learn when it's appropriate to give space to marginalized people. So stop bothering your marginalized friends and get yourself ready!

Course Structure

  • Ally Etiquette - Fuck Being Nice
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  • Accomplice VS Ally - Get Off Your Ass
  • Researching - Know Your Shit
  • Self Care - Get Your Own Damn Ally Cookies