Intersectional Non-Monogamy

Michón Neal

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Michón Neal
Michón Neal
Michón Neal is an impossible Black alien Othergender Dragon who tattoos trees with the queerest most sinister ink and ze hurts all the time. Published Author, Creator of Cuil Fiction, ...
Louisa Leontiades
Louisa Leontiades
Louisa founded Postmodern Woman and lives in an open relationship with her partners and two children. She's a contributor to Huffington Post, Salon, Nerve, Jezebel and the Guardian and author ...
Intersectional Non-Monogamy

About this course

Go beyond turning jealousy into compersion by learning to conduct truly ethical relationships in a diverse world.

Non-monogamy is so much more than simply overcoming jealousy, spicing up a dulled relationship, and disastrous first relationships. Discover the role history and culture plays in the relationship choices we make. Come to appreciate the hidden power dynamics that leave most practitioners regurgitating monogamous standards in their open relationships. The history and possibilities for non-monogamy go far beyond what you'll typically find in the literature and media. Get a deeper understanding of true diversity across various spectrums from someone who is a minority of minorities. Here you'll find relevant articles, videos, and even examples in excerpts from The Cuil Effect Project; accurate information about sex, trauma, abuse, diversity, and health; and learn the true meaning of ethical non-monogamy. If you're looking for something truly ethical and transformative in your relationships or activism then come along as we explore a depth of love, sex, race, variation, and non-monogamy you'll rarely find anywhere else.

By The End of This Course, You'll Be Able To...

  • Bring real ethics into their relationships, no matter what their relationship orientation is.
  • Understand abusive power dynamics as a cultural aspect instead of an individual tragedy.
  • Understand diverse experiences of relationship types.
  • Choose the best form of ethical, consensual relationship for you.
  • Educate your partner(s), friends, and family about conducting ethical relationships.
  • Relate better to people of different sexual orientations, genders, races, abilities, etc.

Who Should Take This Course

  • Those who are interested in transforming non-monogamy, relationships, and diversity.
  • Those who want to get to the root of human interaction and love.
  • Those who value autonomy, emotional intelligence, and informed consent.
  • Those who practice some form of non-monogamy.
  • Those who want to create a consent culture.


Course Structure

Please refer to the post  How to Transition Safely From Paranoia to Pronoia for a better understanding of the course structure and goals.

  • Paranoia - Units 1 - 2
  • Metanoia - Unit 3
  • Pronoia - Units 4-6


Some basic familiarity with non-monogamy, intersectional feminism, and history is helpful.

Course Structure

  • The Basics
    • Intro
      • External Resources
    • Relationship Orientation
      • Relationship Types
      • The Diversity of Love Relationships Concepts
    • Sexes and Genders
      • External Resources
    • More Than You See
      • Discussions of neurodiversity and the scales of health.
    • Sexualities or Lack Thereof
      • Learn about orientations you may have never heard of.
      • External Resources
      • Excerpt From Mikassa's Fall - Straight Man in Love With Male Friend
      • Unloved and Untamed - Aromantic Master Loves His Agendered sub
      • Desired and Proper - Pan Intersexed Allosexual Discusses Loving Asexual With Male Lover
    • Unit One Quiz
      • Question One
      • Question Two
      • Question Three
      • Question Four
      • Question Five
      • Question Six
      • Question Seven
      • Question Eight
      • Question Nine
      • Question Ten
  • Spectrums of Discomfort
  • So What Can We Do?
  • Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole
  • Why You're Not Done Yet
  • What's Next?